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All The New Shows To Stream This August

New month, new shows to stream. We have one month left of winter, meaning that our binge hibernation will soon come to an end. So before the glory days are well and truly over, be sure to jump on board with these new premieres.


Disenchantment – August 17

Matt Groening truly shaped our childhood, bringing us the Simpsons and Futurama, in which most of us can quote and recall like the back of our hand. Well, the legend has decided to grace our screens with another cartoon we are likely to get hooked on. Disenchantment is a fantasy comedy about a princess, her personal diamond and an elf. I’m sold.

Insatiable – August 10

This premier follows the life of ‘Fatty Patty’. It’s been bashed on by critics, saying it portrays negative body image for girls. Putting this aside, it’s a show that recalls the horrible aspects of high school and is kinda like the reincarnation of Mean Girls.

Ozark – August 31

The crime drama featuring Jason Bateman is back and ready to stream this August, and y’all know we can’t wait. Following the move of the Ozark family, after dad Matry’s money laundering scheme goes wrong, you know there’s bound to be drama galore. If you haven’t tuned in yet, season two doesn’t premier until the later end of the month, giving you plenty of time to catch up on season 1.


Better Call Saul – August 6

The Breaking Bad spin off returns for its fourth season. This season is all about the bad guys, well getting badder. Certainly a binge watch that will keep us occupied for August. Or the first few days of it anyways.

Who Is America – Weekly Through August

So this show technically made its premier in July, but new episodes continue to air all throughout August. Sacha Baron Cohen continues to be more controversial and even funnier than ever before.

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