New Years Eve: Expectation VS Reality

“2020 IS MY YEAR”

New Years Eve, you either love it or hate it, but you can’t deny that it’s a shit storm either way. Whether your New Years Eve exceeds your expectations or is a total disappointment, everybody can relate to the expectation VS reality of the night.

So let’s delve into all the cliche moments, let downs and feels you’ll likely go through this year.


Expectation: You go to a festival and make out with your SO at the drop of Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders on midnight.

Reality: You and your 3 friends split a bottle of wine and call it a night.

A scenic destination, drink in hand, SO on your arm. It’s easy to think why it’s going to be a bangin time. But really, you’re not even close to a festival, it gets close to midnight and you end up at home with a few close buddies sinking vino. But like, does this really sound like a bad night at all?

Pulling An All Nighter

Expectation: You’re awake to witness the 9PM fireworks, the 12AM fireworks, AND the sun come up on New Years Day.

Reality: You’re asleep by 12:01am (possibly even 9:30pm).

The New Years trifecta is an interesting one. Some will love the idea of it, otherwise will despise even just the idea of watching the sun rise after being awake all night. But when push comes to shove, you lie down in bed for the 9pm fireworks and never really get up.. sounds familiar to me.


Expectation: Shots, shots, shots! 8 hours of straight liquor and you didn’t puke once!

Reality: You had 2 shots of vodka and passed out on your mate’s couch.

No embarrassing moments, no gnarly falls, no calls or messages to your ex! My perfect type of end result. But of course this ain’t gonna’ happen. In fact, not only did you pass out super quick, but you managed to tell your ex you still love them 3 times in an hour… and you puked on the carpet.

Watching The Fireworks

Expectation: You arrived to a great spot extra early to get the perfect view of the fireworks

Reality: Your couch is a fine spot to watch the ‘works.

Waterfront views, an esky packed with cheeseboards and drinks, and your best group of friends to join in the day-long celebrations. Yeah, nah. Let’s be honest, the view of the fireworks from the television is better than any other view.

New Years Kiss

Expectation: The perfect NYE kiss under the stars with that person you’ve been crushing on for years.

Reality: 12AM turns into a solo viewing party of everyone’s kisses.

It’s exactly what you’d dreamed of, right? You lock lips, and the best part is that ultimate crush wants to come home with you tonight. But in reality, you can barely make eyes with the bartender, let alone that cutie in the corner. Forever alone.

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