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Nicole Richie Is Making A Comeback And DW We’ve Already Called Up Paris For The Simple Life Remake

Howdy y’all. If this isn’t the news you’ve been waiting for these past FIFTEEN YEARS then I will not apologise for your obviously unappreciative and out of tune ass. The Simple Life was without a farmin’ doubt the star attraction of early 2000 reality TV and I’ve been grappling with a Nicole Richie/Paris Hilton shaped hole in my life ever since. 

But fear no more. Nicole Richie is back, people. She’s been leading a life well and truly under the radar lately. She was almost to the point of disappearing off the face of this Earth if it weren’t for her twin #1, rocker boy lover and soul mate, Joel Madden. Well in what is a welcomed break to her TV drought, news is just in that Richie is officially joining Fox TV’s newest comedy series, Richard Lovely. It’s the comeback my soul has been yearning for.

After a little cameo in Grace and Frankie not too long ago, the director picked up Richie’s clear prowess for the big screen and threw her a gig for the new series. She’s set to play the publicist for the show’s main character, Kelli, who’s apparently a ‘high-functioning millennial’. By the sounds of things, my rather clued up, reality TV expertise doesn’t just think, but knows, this is right up Richie’s alley.

With the news of Queen Richie’s comeback we have already made the call to Paris. Ms Hilton is totally up for The Simple Life 2.0 and in her rush of hysteria over the news said, “That’s hot”. After a fifteen year hiatus, we’re charged and ready for this. Grab ya plaids, kids we’re headin’ to the country.

Image Source: Netflix, Giphy, @Variety, Hayu. 

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