Nike Just Released A Fire Stranger Things Collab, So Just Buy It


Well Stranger Things Season 3 is officially out and boy they’ve notched it up a level this season, and the collabs continue to fly in as Netflix milk the bloody cow for every dollar. The soaring popularity of the 80s spook-fest Netflix original meant it was only a matter of time until the brands got involved. And when you get a few eps into this season, you’ll realise that the characters are real trend setters.

And with Levi’s already having a crack at their own Stranger Things apparel collab, the big boys continue to roll in from a farrrshunnn point of view.

That’s right fam, ya team at Nike is the latest brand to collaborate with the Stranger Things setup.

And they’re serving up some serious 1985 high-school looks, but they’re making it super on-trend. Who knew high school PE class vibes from three decades ago could make its way back into popular fashion?! It’s not like every young person living atm has a pair of Adidas continentals or anything.

With a throwback to their 80’s kicks, Nike is also bringing a.. well.. strange twist (sorry). They’re restyling their Cortez, Blazer and Tailwind sneakers that were popularly worn three decades ago, so sneaker heads commence. This is a vibe.

This collection is so sweet because it’s not the obnoxious fan-wear in the slightest. It’s obviously just an ode to the show with major retro vibes (which of course everyone is into rn). The show’s logo is featured on the tongue of the shoe, so it’s super subtle. But just subtle enough to still be strange (last time, I promise).

Along with sneakers, Nike is also offering Stranger Things apparel range. And no boost, they’re super cute. It’s a hot take, but they’ve gone with a Hawkins high school-esque jumper and t-shirt look – which oddly, really works.

This is only a tease too, with heaps more being release on Friday 12 July, once you’ve had a chance to digest this season (and be attached enough to the show to spend your $$$ on no doubt exxy merch). So stay tuned you demigorgons for a bunch more to come, and for more deets on the range check out Nike’s official release here.

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