No Hollywood, Absolutely No One Wants A Princess Bride Remake And Twitter Will Fight You

Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

In case you weren’t already convinced that we are living in the darkest timeline, here’s some more evidence: Hollywood wants to remake the most quotable and perfect movie in the world, The Princess Bride.

Sony Pictures CEO told Variety in an interview that he’s gotten heaps of offers from famous people to redo the absolute icon of a film, and honestly? No, just no.

Just when you thought we couldn’t possibly be making another reboot, Hollywood is at it again trying to ruin our childhoods. I don’t care what the Lion King remake’s box office made, it destroyed the magic of the original and I’m upset about it. I definitely don’t need to see the Princess Bride go down the same hole.

Of course, Twitter came out in droves to defend our beloved classic from Hollywood’s money hungry execs.

Not only is the idea of remaking the Princess Bride cooked because it doesn’t need it, but also because there’s so many movies that could be made. We don’t have a shortage of writers or creativity, but that gross capitalist obsession with profitting off successful originals is actually ruining our quality of cinema. For the love of God, make a goddamn original film.

The one comforting thing about this heinous proposal though, is the absolute outrage it has brought out. Never in my life have I seen Twitter so united under a single cause.

The Princess Bride remake is only in the proposal stages and nothing has been confirmed – let’s see if the backlash actually works.

Image Sources: Twitter, GIPHY, 20th Century Fox.

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