Nostalgic Lollies To Take You Right Back

It was a simpler time, one where cavities weren’t of concern. The only way you knew you had devoured your share of lollies when Mum pried the bowl away from you. An eating machine ready to consume packet upon packet, handheld candy and chocolate en masse.

Now you’re at least a little more adult, your tolerance is far less. Fear not, the best sweet offerings have the power to pop you right back to your childhood birthday party, a take home bag of memories. Relive the vivid tastes and reminisce on some seriously sweet times, with each little morsel. Sugar overload ahead.

Push Pops

Forget lollypops, these handheld sugar bombs were all the rage. Then if one blue raspberry thumb sucker wasn’t enough they upped it to triple push pop offering. A sweet kid’s dream.

Wizz Fizz

Fizzy powdered sherbert where an oddly small shovel/spoon restrained just how much you could indulge in at any one time. An absolute mess worth making.

Bertie Beetles

Sure Freddo Frogs were a better tasting choccie, but Bertie Beetles were oddly charming. A bit of a filler offering, but it reminds us of lolly bags and Christmas with each bite.

Cadbury Marble

The best chocolate is often discontinued, and Cadbury Marble is at the top of that list. Where top deck layers milk and white chocolate, the marble offering was a swirl of both. Sorely missed.

Killer Pythons

Before they were chopped down to size, Killer Pythons were a schoolyard currency favourite. Like five Allen’s snakes pulled together, delicious.


Was it enjoyable? Not really. But it was oddly thrilling to indulge in the candy that could almost blow your head off. Just as the wrapper illustrated. Turn that sour tolerance right up with each little drop.

Brain Lickers

Liquid sugar, put into a mini deodorant roller for at least a little restriction on the flow. It was wildly flavoured and easily downed. Looking back on it now it’s an odd design but hey, as a kid it was magnificent.


Melody Pops

Combining harmony and sweets for a sugar filled Singstar experience with every suck. It sounded more like a recorder than anything else but the novelty was right up there.

Milkos and Redskins

Bland flavoured milkos and vibrant redskins, sold side by side were a milkbar treat. Afterschool runs and loose change meant a handful of those paper wrapped treats to enjoy as you trekked home. Yum.

Bubblegum Tape

Instead of fighting over that eight pack of Hubba Bubba, bubblegum tape let you share your chewy with ease. Unravelling piece by piece another attempt to blow up your previous bubble diameter record. Back when phone cases weren’t that cool at least your gum was safe in its hard shelled

Green Frogs

The compadre to our favourite red treats, the green frogs often get a bad rap. Discontinued in a recent lolly reshuffle, perhaps its absence making our heart grow fonder but we miss what we can’t have.


Chocolate covered jelly babies sounded like an ok idea in theory, but in practice these lollies were to be avoided when lumped in a pick and mix. Oh and there’s that racist branding that makes us a little hesistant to try again. Hindsight you know.


Little chocolate droplets covered in hundreds and thousands, freckles could brighten any trip to the doctors or shops. Like a portable piece of fairy bread.

Gummy teeth

Fun to wear but awful to taste, these ones are only missed for their dress up quality.

Violet Crumbles

Not the same as a Crunchie, althought some may suggest it. Violet Crumbles were the best way to get your honeycomb fix.


A twisted portion of mini lifesavers that effervescently fizzed away in your mouth. Fondly remember and miss an awful lot.


Odd tasting candy tastes a whole lot better when slotted into the handheld character of your choice. A marketing ploy that won our sugary young hearts over easy.


Sugar covered airy treats that didn’t resemble clouds too much at all. Why were they red for starters?


Teeth cracked, jaw dropping hard rock morsels that tested our patience with each box. One of Wonka’s finer inventions.

Ring Pop

Forget the cheezel ring, if you were really interested that sweet ring pop said it all. A mess waiting to happen but the combination of fashion and lolly did not go astray.

Everlasting gobstoppers

If your teeth hadn’t already started to disintegrate from the sugar overload, the giant gobstopper could do the trick in one serving. A giant fist sized offering that could make your tounge bleed. Often bought at the station lolly shop and used as a substitute for any sort of nutritious snack.


Pretend cigarette lollies, oh those were the days. When a little sugar stick was the height of cool. Let’s not even talk about the name.

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