Not To Be Rude But Seth Rogen Looks Like Pumbaa In His Lion King Poster

Disney just dropped their Lion King posters and they’re a downright doozy. Whilst a large part of me is wondering what the purpose of these posters actually is (eg should I print/download/email to friends or colleagues?), I cannot help but notice one extremely important detail.

Seth Rogen is Pumbaa in bearded human form and it’s a heart-warming sight to be seen. The similarity of that well-defined jaw line is also very uncanny. Is that coarse and unkempt beard-fluff a tribute to Pumbaa or shall I just leave Rogen’s grooming techniques out of this? Probs the latter.

The rest of The Lion King cast has me teeming with excitement. Queen Bey, I’m ready.

So whatever you feel the need to do with these beautiful posters, print/download/email to your heart’s content. But please, any correspondence with said posters must include Pumbaa in bearded-human form. It’s an indisputable requirement, soz.

Sources: The Lion King Twitter. 

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