NSW Are Rolling Out Digital Licenses, So Gone Are The Days Of Forgetting Your ID At The Club

We’ve all been in this situation before; you’ve been at pre’s for hours, you’ve Ubered to the club, you’re standing in line and suddenly your friend exclaims ‘I’ve forgotten my ID!!!’ Or, maybe you’re that annoying friend who ruins the night? Whatever the case may be, this situation is a problem of the past now for NSW residents who can use a digital licence downloaded onto their phones.

Here’s What We Know

The digital driver’s license is now live in some parts of NSW and you can download it through the Service NSW app, free of charge. You will need a MyServiceNSW account to access your ID. If you have one, you will just need to use your MyServiceNSW details to log into your account on the app and follow the prompts to set up your Digital Driver’s License.

In 2017, NSW launched a trial of the new IDs in Dubbo, followed by the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and Albury. Obviously the trials were a success, because as of Monday, the NSW Gov has rolled out the new technology state-wide.

Oh and in other good news, the Digital Driver’s License is accessible offline meaning you don’t have to worry about connecting to WIFI or getting reception to use it.

The Downside

According to Service NSW, the Digital Driver’s License is optional and it doesn’t replace the hard copy. It is recommended that you still carry your plastic ID card as some bouncers / venues won’t be accustomed to the new system and could possibly refuse you entry without a hard copy. (Hopefully that changes, because having to carry your hard copy defeats the whole purpose of the new system tbh.)

You can also use the Digital Driver’s License when stopped by the police while driving, but only on strict conditions. A police officer has to ask for you to show them your digital ID and if you show an officer without being asked, penalties may apply. (WTF?)

You also can’t use it if your phone is cracked and you have to ensure your phone is charged. People are also dealing with bugs, crashes and inability to access the app. According to Service NSW the app is still being tested so it’s not quite perfect yet. But honestly, the whole thing seems like more trouble than it’s worth to be honest. There seems to be a lot of conditions, rules and problems with technology. What was a good idea, has been pretty poorly executed.

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