NSW Premier Announces $500 On The Spot Fine For Drug Possession, And Yeah That’s Messed Up

Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced on Tuesday that any sort of possession for drugs is an on-the-spot $400-$500 fine.

The premier says she wants to be sending a very strong message about drug usage, especially at festivals. We’ve heard it all from the Aussie government at this point, but this is pretty fucked.

Following deaths at Defqon, the premier decided on a law which will hold drug-dealers of fatal overdoses guilty, facing up to 25 years in jail. She said the government will strengthen laws to target dealers and hold them responsible for deaths.

“We envisage it will be anywhere between grievous bodily harm, which is 10 years, and manslaughter, which is 25 years, so somewhere in that range,” Ms Berejiklian said. “I value human life. I do not want to see any life taken away.”

The Ausgov is also planning to introduct licensing regimes for music festivals and to also increase drug and alcohol education.

Police Commissioner Mick Fuller expressed, “there is no safe amount of MDMA to put into your system.”

About that time for pill testing, huh? So that we can maybe tell if our drugs are safe or not?

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