BREAKING: NSW Premier Says Regional Travel Is Back On From June 1

Sensible social distancing is still a priority though.

State Premiers seem to disagree on what Australia’s best interests are when it comes to combating COVID-19, which makes things confusing for Australian residents. NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, has confirmed in a press conference this morning that NSW is on the road to return to a normal existence. But not everyone agrees.

Time To Return To Normal?

From June 1, regional travel will be allowed in NSW, and cultural centres like libraries and museums will also be allowed to reopen. Just in time for the June long weekend! Ski resorts, however, will most likely not be open by the long weekend. But rest assured, the government is working with ski resorts to put plans in place so that people can get back to the slopes. NSW residents have been given the green light to book regional trips and holidays again. But make sure you book ahead.

This slow progression to returning to normal is an attempt to boost the state’s economy, with the premier stating that the NSW government has always wanted to save jobs first and foremost (of course, second to preventing coronavirus-related deaths, right?). This easing of restrictions is in line with the PM’s announcement of his three step plan to reopen the country by July.

The NSW Premier has also slammed states for keeping their boarders closed, arguing that it’s “not in the national interest” to keep boarders closed (the QLD Chief Health Officer confirmed that QLD boarders would most likely remain closed until September). She has also said that NSW will be welcoming visitors from all over the country, as tourism will help to boost the economy. She’s confident that people in NSW will be sensible throughout the reopening of services, and reiterated that people should still maintain social distancing. She also stated that people should make their own personal decisions about what is safe for them, in regards to choosing to not return to public spaces.

I Dunno About This…

One comment from a live stream of this morning’s press conference on Facebook didn’t seem to like what the Premier was saying. The user commented “You encourage personal preferences but school is compulsory? Contradicting.” Honestly, I couldn’t agree more. Schools are set to return to full time face-to-face teaching from Monday 25 May. Social distancing can’t really be enforced in schools, although apparently the Prime Minister doesn’t think that social distancing rules apply in schools (how??). How can personal preferences be encouraged by the Premier, yet parents, students and teachers don’t have a choice about kids attending schools? It’s just a bit confusing.

100th Death Now Confirmed

The NSW Premier’s announcement comes after the country’s 100th death was reported overnight. The 93 year old woman was a resident at Newmarch House in Western Sydney, and was the 19th person to pass away in that facility as a result of coronavirus.

NSW has seen 4 new cases over the past 24 hours, and all of these cases have been returning travellers who are already in mandatory quarantine. QLD has had 1 new case, bringing the number of total active cases in the state up to 12. Reports haven’t yet come in from other states regarding their new cases.


Image Source: Sky News Facebook Livestream

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