#NupToTheCup Is Taking Over Twitter And We’re Here For It

You don’t need horses to die for you to have a good time.

This has been a horrible year for the Melbourne Cup marketing team, with news breaking that race horses who once lit up the tracks actually get sold to abattoirs where they are abused and then killed, often in horrid and cruel conditions.

#NupToTheCup is one of those things that feels obvious – of course we’re against animal cruelty. Of course we don’t want to abuse and murder horses. But apparently not everyone feels this way, as the festivities rage onwards.

We’ve got a previous article on why #NupToTheCup drove into the limelight last year, if you want to check out what started this movement. Or, you can check out this graphic that really underpins the horrors that go on in the racing industry.

In honour of the everyday heroes that have got #NupToTheCup trending on Twitter, here’s some of our fave tweets condemning the races.

There’s More To #NupToTheCup Than Animal Cruelty

Besides, There’s Way Better Ways To Have Fun

And Lastly, If You Realllyyyy Want To Watch Animals Race:

Image Sources: Twitter.

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