Of Course Harry Styles Handles Local Grub Kyle Sandiland’s Gross Interview With Absolute Grace

Harry Styles, King Of My Heart.

Look, no one really expects classy interviews with Kyle and Jackie-O considering Kyle’s legacy of being an absolute grub. I mean, this is the man who asked Bachie Matt and winning gal Chelsie about when/how/where they had sex, and then proceeded to pester a very uncomfortable Chels for descriptions of Matt’s penis.

Then there’s the time he defended Jesse from The Bachelorette, who got kicked out for being an absolute creep. Not only did Jesse call Angie, who he was supposed to be romancing, a bitch while also repeatedly hitting on and harassing crew member staff –  when he was booted off, he said his plans were to find a really drunk girl in a dark corner of a bar. WTF?! Kyle defended it as just “normal behaviour.” I’m pretty sure that’s rape culture.

Oh, and Kyle also made a racist comment on the ethnic diversity in the Bachelorette cast.

So it comes as no surprise then, that Kyle would harass yet another star with unnecessarily sexual comments, and this time it was none other than Harry Styles.

Bless Harry Styles For Not Indulging Gross Talk About Women

Kyle basically asked Harry Styles if he’s a playboy, which doesn’t sound that bad – but it’s the way he went around it. Kyle asked Harry if he jumps from project to project, with “women rolling in and out” (talk about the objectification of women, ugh).

Obviously Harry, polite as ever, moved the conversation to his work style rather than discuss his personal life. Because, you know, they should probably talk about the fact that he just released new music and announced a tour.

“For me, it’s very much about—I like to split the two in terms of working and not working, so. I’m definitely aware that a lot of working life can be extraordinary at times and isn’t kind of the average thing, and then with my personal life, it’s kind of—I’d say it’s pretty normal.”

Not taking the hint, Kyle persisted on the line about women.

“Pretty normal, what a shame,” Kyle said. “I would have thought there would’ve been models and —”

“Sorry man.” Ooft, you know when Harry Styles interrupts you, it’s time to stop talking. But Kyle, never deterred in his quest to make literally every person uncomfortable, kept going.

“And girls would be fighting [over you], and you’d be like, ‘ladies, ladies, one at a time, please’ Nothing like that? It feels like such a waste!”

Uh huh, because if Harry Styles isn’t objectifying and banging every chick he sees, then what’s even the point of his fame right? Why would Kyle even think to ask about Harry’s music and career trajectory?

Again, polite as ever (bless his heart), Harry apologised, firmly stating “No, I don’t do that, I’m sorry.”

Imagine apologising for being a decent human being.

Why This Interview Is Particularly Shitty

Harry Styles has struggled with identity for years, being labelled a playboy and womaniser the moment he shot to fame in One Direction. He’s been dogged for years about rumours regarding his sexuality, with persistent speculation of a sexual relationship with fellow 1D member Louis Tomlinson piling onto the womaniser narrative.

Despite all the BS,  Harry has been really vocal on exploring identity and not needing to label yourself if you don’t want to. His song ‘Medicine’ is being hailed as a bisexual anthem because it features relationships with both men and women, and he’s even caressed by both guys and gals in his new music video for ‘Lights Up.’

Forcing a rhetoric of banging chicks and being a hot stud is exactly the kind of toxic masculinity that Harry Styles has spent years escaping – so Kyle’s questioning was way out of line and just highlighted how sexist celebrity culture is.

This awkward, and quite frankly gross, interview made international headlines, with publishers from the US and UK talking about how inappropriate the interview was. Twitter was not happy, and same. Thanks Kyle. This is exactly the rep we need for Aussie media right now.

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