OMG Packed To The Rafters Might Be Making A Comeback

The best show to ever be on Aussie screens could be returning!

First we hear the news that Big Brother is returning next year… Now we hear rumours that Packed To The Rafters could be making a comeback… Could this year get any better? All we need next is a new Underbelly!

According to a report by Inside Film yesterday, apparently Amazon Prime has commissioned a reboot of the show. All of the OG cast members are returning, including Rebecca Gibney, Erik Thomson, Hugh Sheridan, Jessica Marais, Ryan Corr, Jessica McNamee and James Stewart. The show will apparently have three series, with six episodes in each. YAY!

The original creator of Channel 7 program, Bevan Lee, is also on-board. The reboot is rumoured to be in pre-production and is titled ‘Back To The Rafters.‘ How cute.

Anyway Hugh Sheridan who played Ben Rafter (miss you Ben), hinted to Kyle and Jackie O last month that Australia’s favourite family may make a return in the near future. He said “it’s a beautiful show and it will be like 10 years on. It’s like a where are they now.” But Sheridan did say “nothing has been confirmed.”

Amazon Prime have also reportedly purchased the rights to the original series produced by Jo Porter for Seven Productions. So there will be time to binge the OG show before starting the new one. But do so at your own risk! I’m still emotionally scared by Mel Rafters death aka the saddest moment in Australian TV history. (Which was watched by over 2 million people!)

If you remember correctly, the show ended with Dave, Julie and their little baby Ruby leaving to travel Australia in their caravan. Apparently the new series will tie up a few loose ends, but will mostly start from scratch, with completely new storylines surrounding what the fam is up to now, ten years on. Honestly, so pumped!

Image Sources: Seven Network

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