OMG, Turns Out Harry Was Actually On House Rules Before The Bachelorette

Suspicious? Or?

The Bachelorette premier aired last night, and I’ll be honest, it was pretty fucking boring. There were maybe three contestants that I actually found interesting and likeable, and the rest was eh.

A huge part of the reason people aren’t really enjoying the season is the whiteness of it – even with several contestants that are people of colour, Elly and Becky have shown favouritism for the typical White Aussie guy that wins every year.

The sisters gave their first rose (the ‘country rose’) to a guy called Harry who apparently made the best first impression on them. It’s not clear how, since I barely remember his entrance – especially compared to Saj who literally rolled out a carpet and star-gazed with them.

Anyway, as we see in previews, it looks like Elly and Becky misjudged Harry because Elly seems to be bit off him in the trailers for episode two, saying that she can’t see it working.

Rumour has it that Elly also gets over Harry after she finds out he has a son.

Some viewers felt like they were getting bad vibes from Harry, and now there’s even more tea – turns out he was on House Rules with his now ex-wife back in 2017!

I’ve never really watched House Rules so I don’t know what Harry was like on the show, though a quick peruse of Twitter has shown me that there were very mixed feelings about his character.

Some reckon he was sassy and funny and generally likeable, which is pretty normal.

Others found him a bit daft.

What gets me is the commentary around him being a bit patronising, stubborn and cocky – because that is definitely the exact vibe I got from him after watching the Bachelorette.

Now, obviously I shouldn’t judge him too harshly when I don’t know that much about him, but also, I feel like my instincts are correct on this one, especially given there’s already plenty of rumours that Elly is going to get fed up with Harry real quick.

I guess we’ll find out tonight!

Image Sources: Channel 10, Twitter

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