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On Screen Partnerships That Scream Couple Goals

Often our screens are filled with couples that not only difficult to relate to, but completely mismatched. I don’t know about you, but when I tune into a new drama or comedy series I want to watch and on screen partnership that’s relatable, hilarious and embody the imperfections of real life love. So in order to celebrate those less than perfect pairings, here are five our my favourite on screen partnerships that are ultimate couple goals.

#1 Jim and Pam – The Office

After years of knowing looks and air high fives, this office friendship finally blossomed into true love. The reason why they are the ultimate on screen couple goals? Their awkward encounters and often hilarious run ins is what makes them so relatable. No relationship is perfect and Jim and Pam totally emulate that.

Ultimate moment: When Jim proposed to Pam at the petrol station.

#2 Mitch and Cam – Modern Family

They have been one of the pinnacle same sex couples redefining on screen romance as we know it. Quite possibly the funniest couple to grace our screens in the last 10 years, Mitch and Cam screen couple goals for many reasons. Despite their endless bickering, their endless love and dedication, and the raising of their mischievous daughter, allow you to picture your future married life.

Ultimate moment: Lily’s princess themed party featuring Fizbo the clown.

#3 Marshall and Lily – How I Met Your Mother

It’s rare to find an on screen couple as silly and loveable as Marshmallow and Lily-Pad. With their notorious third wheel Ted often dragging behind, there is no denying that their infamous Halloween costumes were the envy of couples everywhere. The imperfection of their wedding and career conflicts is what made them so understandable by audiences and why they have made it on the couple goals list.

Ultimate moment: When they decided to invent their very own last name.

#4 Seth and Summer – The O.C.

The couple encapsulated the opposites attract saying, Seth and Summer were a walk in the park compared their Californian counterparts, Marissa and Ryan. No on screen couple has been more in sync than this pair. What was comforting for us teens watching at home, that their first sexual endeavour was less than perfect.

Ultimate moment: That Spiderman style kiss.

#5 Leslie and Ben – Park & Rec

Equal partners in work, life and eating waffles, Ben and Leslie are literally living every accomplished nerds dream. Their often dorky relationship embodies all the best relationship qualities including support and passion. The best bit, their ‘Game of Thrones’ roleplaying sessions.

Ultimate moment: Their post break up reunion.

#6 Willow and Tara – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

They were one of TVs first lesbian couples and their romance was beyond. The best thing about it, it wasn’t for ratings nor a punchline, it simply followed a pairs emotional connection, who bloody loved practicing their magical powers together (hell yeah). Watching the progression of friendship to relationship was so honest and something all of us can relate to when tuning into the show.

Ultimate moment: Their first kiss.

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