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One Of Our Highest Paid Sports Stars Is A Video Gaming Teen, Fkn Mood

Don’t let your mother ever tell you that you’re wasting your life away playing video games. Because a Melbourne teenager has just become one of Australia’s highest paid ‘sports’ stars.

Anathan Pham and his team of five took out the Dota 2 tournament ‘The International’ over the weekend, raking in $23 million in prize money.

That means the video game whiz is now $4.62 million richer, according to PerthNow.

Actually love that for him.

Your mind might boggle a bit when you consider that this is the second year the 19-year-old’s team, OG, has won the Esports competition. And, according to Esports Earnings, they have all rocketed to the ranks of the highest-earning stars in the industry.

Bloody hell.


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The win takes Anathan’s career-winnings to $8.9 million, moving him up to 13th place on the Australian sports earnings list. Now he sits pretty above old fave Nick Kyrgios (start winning some tennis and stop being a flog, bro) and cricketer Steve Smith.

Yeah, he’s leapfrogged two athletes that have been in their sports for a while. And one of them was the captain of the Australian team. Are you actually for real?

Meanwhile, the rest of us are sitting on humble and (probably) slowly accumulated money piles after a fair chunk of grinding, this kid and his team have played a video game of strategy all the way to the top.

It’s a pretty big deal for the team too, who are the first team in Esport History to tkae out back-to-back world championships at The International.

Don’t let anyone tell you that playing Red Dead Redemption is a waste of time. You keep building your FIFA teams and winning NBA championships on 2K.

One day, it could take you to the top of the Esports earnings lists and into the history books.

Mum, don’t disturb me, I’m training for Dota 2 2020.

Image Sources: Instagram (@dota2official, @vaclaav, @ledneyq)

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