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Our Inner 8 Year Old Is Screaming, Nintendo Is Opening A Theme Park

Recently announced by the team at Nintendo via podcast, a theme park expansion is set to hit Universal Studios first in Japan, then LA and Orlando, and we’re so happy. According to the Nintendo team, the park has already (!!!) started building.

With an estimated 2020 release date, we don’t have to wait much longer. They’ve also hinted to a potential Mario Kart ride?! Fuck Yes.

Rides are set to be focused on other Nintendo classics like Super Mario World and Starfox. Investing $35 million into the park, it’ll be at a similar scale to Universal’s Harry Potter worlds.

The parks aim is to throw audiences and Nintendo fans right into the midst of the games we all grew up with and love, and we’re sure they’ll have no problem doing so.

The name of the park? Super Nintendo World. We’re channeling this classic right now.

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