Our New Women’s World Cup Jerseys Are Inspired By The Melbourne Art Scene And They Look Ballin’

Nike have launched the jerseys for the Women’s World Cup to be held in France this year and we couldn’t be more in love with the new Aussie design. Newly appointed captain of the Matilda’s team, Sam Kerr, is repping the new design in a collection of promo shots for the jerseys. See her backflipping? Yep, that’s our girl. She’s killing it.

As Nike’s Senior Director, Heidi Burgett explains, the new design is a tribute to the worldly renowned art scene in our very own Melbs. The swatches of yellow and bottle green are also vibing our unique Aussie landscape. Here’s a sneaky look at what the other countries will be repping this year.

Nike met with more than 40 of the world’s top female athletes to launch 14 of their national team collections for the Women’s World Cup set to kick off in Paris this year. As well as launching one heck of a collection, Nike announced their 3 year partnership with UEFA Women’s Football. This signals their renewed commitment to investing in the sport from the grassroots.

It’s ‘gonna be one incredibly exciting year for women’s football. Keep your eyes peeled ‘coz Aussie’s homegrown superstar, Sam Kerr is already dominating the scene one backflip at a time.

Image Source: @heidiburgett Twitter. 

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