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Our Top 5 Fav Memes From The Decade

The day ‘Karen who wants to speak to the manager’ was born was an iconic day.

Ah, memes, these somehow irrelevant but crucial lil companions in our lives.

With the imminent arrival of 2020, this decade has a lot of to reminisce on – including the memes it produced (Donald Trump, and a frog at the most). As the internet boomed after 2010, the OG meme-sphere of Reddit & 4Chan welcomed memes all over Twitter to now every single social media platform you can think of.

If you weren’t surviving on memes in your teens through this decade, then what were you even doing?

So, what better way to celebrate the end of 2019 than to go back in time and allow you peeps to ride through the meme wave of this decade. Some of these bad boys were way over-used on your social feeds, and others you probably forgot about – let’s get some awesome nostalgia.

#5 – Pepe the frog

Pepe is the best from r/memes


Sad Pepe from r/memes

I mean there you have it, a frog that boomed into a meme icon. Pepe is cute, sad, relatable and definitely a top 5 contender no doubt.

#4 – Distracted Boyfriend Meme

Not only is this meme a classic, but it merges a bunch of other memes.

Distracted boyfriend Jesus/Santa from r/dankchristianmemes

#3 Starter-pack Memes

So. goddamn. accurate.

AKA the birth of Karen.

#2 Joker Memes

After the release of this movie earlier in 2019, I’m positive I saw a new joker meme every goddamn day, mark my words, this one will be forever historic.

Joker and mini joker dancing from r/MemeTemplatesOfficial

Joker gets hit by a car from r/MemeTemplatesOfficial

#1 – Spongebob Meme

AKA WHeN EvERyoNe sTaRteD TaLkiNg LiKe ThIS.


Spongebob memes always have high returns. BUY!

Although these were our top 5, we couldn’t leave you without some iconic memes that surfed the 2010s up until now.

Here are some honourable mentions that we wanted to include.

Evil Kermit meme

Success Kid

Success Kid from r/memes

Condescending Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka on Facebook from r/memes

Trump signs this

‘Is this a pigeon’ meme

me irl from r/me_irl

‘Math Lady’ meme

Confused math lady actually knows what she’s doing from r/memes

Salt Bae

Baby Yoda Meme

If you’re still looking to satisfy your meme fix, scroll through our meme tag – the best memes of the decades are all documented and reporting for duty.

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