Our Two Cents On The ‘How Much Curry Is Too Much?’ Battle On MasterChef

Sandeep is a spice boy worthy of a MasterChef win.

Sandeep Pandit received a perfect score for the lemon pepper chicken he whipped up on MasterChef last night. Even the perpetually strange and weirdly camp, Matt Preston mustered enough emotion to throw out a 10.

It was a truly gripping night of free-to-air television and I’ve got to admit, I think a mean tikka masala is on the cards tonight.

But whilst the mystery chef challenge awarded Sandeep with a magical and mysterious immunity pin, it also centred him smack bang in the middle of a fiery battle over how much curry is too much. Is this even a question?

Have the ‘too much curry’ protestors even tasted a laccha paratha and tomato curry? Don’t talk to me if you haven’t.

The Indian IT manager turned wannabe chef has made it to Episode 23 of MasterChef’s now 11th season (oh god, why) and he’s racked up a following of both supporters and anti-curry protestors.

Apparently he’s not worthy of a MasterChef title because he’s absolutely acing the competition with all his wonderfully gourmet curry creations and gosh, I’m sure there’s pettier things to whinge about you shmucks.

MasterChef fiends are raging.

So what’s my answer to ‘how much curry is too much’? You can never have too much beautifully blended spices and buttery meats combined in what really is, a saucy love story. Add roti and you’ve got me absolutely sold and honestly, if you can find it in you to whinge about a beautiful spice boy clearly proud of his culture and bloody crafty at cookin’ it – you can return to your spice-less existence.

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