Paul Parker, Who Told Scomo To Get Fkd, Is A Pauline Hanson Supporter And I’m Devo

Why? WHY?

The viral video of RFS volunteer firefighter Paul Parker telling PM Scott Morrison to “get fucked” has brought glee to thousands of Australian’s after the Prime Minister was basically useless throughout the entire bushfire season.

It was great because it was just so concise – two words, spoken with a fury and passion that only a man about to enter bushfires to save Aussies could really encapsulate.

Basically, he said what everyone was thinking, and the nation loves him for it.

However, since the video became viral, there seems to be more drama surrounding Paul Parker.

The bloke claimed that he’d been fired from the RFS after the incident, since he was using expletives on duty – which, obvs, created mass outrage. A petition was formed to give the man his position back, which received thousands of signatures.

The RFS Claim Paul Parker Was Never Fired

Paul Parker then came on 9 News to speak about his dismissal, stating that he didn’t know you could even fire volunteers. Except, now the RFS is claiming that he was never fired at all, and that he is definitely still a member of the RFS.

TBH, I don’t really care whether his claims about being fired are true or not. The man raised a sentiment that everyone was feeling, and he’s a damn legend for it.

What does absolutely suck though, is that Paul from Nelligen is a staunch Pauline Hanson supporter.

Turns Out Paul Parker Is A Pauline Hanson Supporter And I’m Heart Broken

Yep, there’s the video. This guy thinks Pauline Hanson is a legend, and I’m absolutely fkn devastated about it.

Now, don’t get me wrong – we’re not about to conflate his hard-on for Pauline Hanson with his hate for Scott Morrison.

Scott Morrison should still absolutely get fucked. The sentiment stands and I still support it. Does it matter which voting base says it? I’m honestly not sure, because the truth is most voter bases are feeling pretty shitty towards Scott Morrison, and if it means the current government gets voted out, how much does it matter?

Fuck Pauline Hanson AND Scott Morrison

I think it’s pretty fucking shitty that Paul Parker, who I previously enjoyed saying was the embodiment of the current Aussie political sentiment, is a Pauline Hanson supporter. It’s super alienating for someone like me, since I’m Muslim and so naturally one of Pauline’s greatest enemies.

It’s shitty for all the minorities Pauline Hanson’s politics are actively trying to fuck over, be it Muslims, Asians, Indigenous people. Yeah, it hurts finding out that someone who you thought you related to supports a politician that actively spreads hate towards you. It definitely makes you wonder, does Paul from Nelligen and every other Aussie hero that we support, actually hate us?

But I’m not just disappointed with Paul (you were SO close to nailing it, my dude), but also with how much people are willing to dismiss his entire point now. Because while Paul Parker may have absolutely shitty views, he still has more in common with me as an every-day Australian than Scott Morrison does, whether or not he knows it.

Either way, we’re both getting absolutely screwed over by this shitty government, and I rather cancel a racist rich powerful government official than a (probably racist), much less powerful volunteer firefighter.

Image Sources: Channel 7, Twitter.

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