Pauline Hanson Was Given A National Platform To Talk Pure BS About The Bushfires & Climate Change. Again.

Before I’ve had the chance to smell a cup of coffee.

Pls give me strength to make it through another day where Pauline Hanson gets to talk shit on a national stage. Before I’ve had the chance to smell a cup of coffee, let alone drink it.

Little over a week into their revived program – bless the return of Karl Stefanovic, am I right? 😒- The Today Show has proven they are the same old dog who just won’t learn any new tricks.

Before the sun had even fully risen, the One Nation leader re-emerged on her designated breakfast television slot ready to bumble through a rant about Scott Morrison, the bushfires and the “load of B.S.” that is climate change.

Hold on to your socks, folks, it a wild ride.

The day prior, Prime Minister ScoMo had announced a royal commission into the bushfires. It aims to examine climate change’s impact on the crisis, to which he said that the government’s climate policies would continue to “evolve”.

But Pauline wasn’t here for any claims of climate change playing a role in the bushfire crisis. And she was certainly not happy with discussing it now or in a Royal Commission.

She reckons it’s all down to the debris that’s been left on the forest floors thanks to local, state, and federal government legislation. And for a second I was worried she would go off on a Greens-backburning-conspiracy-theory tangent.

If you’re gonna have a Royal Commission into it, throw bloody Climate Change out the window, and let’s look at the pure facts of why we have had the bushfires, how they were handled, what we can do better to stop it happening again.

Um, sorry, Pauline. But haven’t firefighters and scientists said that the effects of climate change have shortened windows of “Goldilocks conditions” to undertake back- and hazard-reduction burning and general land-clearing? Yeah, I think the RFS Commissioner said it too.

She is hell-bent against people paying carbon taxes – even though those are charged to big corporations – and whether that’s even effective in reducing temperatures. But I digress.

And she’s 0% confident in scientists’ abilities to predict the warming of the planet, especially when her weather predictions are wrong.

… they can’t even get my weather right, it tells me it’s going to rain and if it doesn’t rain. They can’t get it right over the seven or ten days prediction, they’re telling me what it’s going to be like in 50 or 100 years time.

Yes, let’s ignore the overwhelming scientific evidence that is pointing to the warming of the globe. And let’s forget the 2008 report by Ross Garnaut that predicted the worsening and lengthening of the bushfire season due. to. climate. change.

Maybe you just need a better weather reporter, Pauline?

But, in a strange turn of events, she admitted that although taxes won’t change the climate, the climate is changing.

The climate is changing pure to nature itself and our relation to the sun.

Beautiful, Pauline, that’s poetry in fucking motion.

It’s amazing that a woman in charge of a party that takes up, like, 3% of the House of Reps and 5% of the Senate is given so much air time. If she was any other minority, we wouldn’t see her.

How is someone who is so horribly misinformed, left to spew garbage on a greater stage than people with real knowledge and experience behind them?

Bc it’s breakfast TV and we’re serving ratings on toast.

I hope she made it home from the park alright.

Image Sources: The Today Show

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