People Are Sharing The Worst ‘Boomer Advice’ They Have Received And It’s Outrageously Relatable

“Do what you love and the money will come.” Ok, Boomer…

Ahh, Boomers… We have to love them, but bless their Boomer souls – they can be so freaking out of touch when it comes to giving millennials advice. We can’t blame them, this world that we live in is so incredibly different to the one they spent their twenties in.

I have heard some crazy Boomer talk in my time too. My Dad loves to tell me how I would probably be able to afford a house if I didn’t spend all my money on avocado toast and dresses that cost more money, the less fabric there is to them. Boomers are constantly reminding me how my generation has it ‘so easy,’ even though their generation could buy an entire house at age 21 with an unskilled worker’s salary. (But that’s a conversation for another day…)

Anyway, we have to laugh, because that will be us one day. So here are the worst of the worst Boomer advice on Twitter. (I can guarantee you’ve heard it all before.)

Seek Is A Scam!

*Walks around shopping centre handing out resumes* “sorry we only accept resumes online, you will have to go to our website.”

All Your Problems Will Be Fixed With A Second Job

“Maybe if you didn’t spend so much time on that goddamn computer you would have more time for a second job.”

Wearing Jeans To Work Is A Disgrace

“I would have been fired for wearing that to work.”

Climate Change Is Fake News

“Don’t trust everything you read on the internet.”

Flippin’ Burger Flippin’

“Maybe if you didn’t party so much in Uni…”

When I Was Your Age…

“I had moved out of home and was paying my $50 a week rent all by myself, while maintaining a healthy social life, drinking $1 schooners, travelling on $100 airline tickets to Europe and purchasing a new $25 suit for work every week.”

Boomer Makeup Advice

“Why do you want your eyebrows so thick?”

“I never wore foundation when I was your age?”

“Why do you pay all that money to get your hair done? Just put some lemon juice in it.”


“Respect your CEOs.”

Do What You Love

This is my favourite. I’m still waiting for all my millions to flood in from watching Netflix and eating cake.

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