People Are Signing A Petition To Save The Job Of The Nelligen Firie Who Told ScoMo To Get F’d

Chaotic good energy from Twitter.

Just about everyone has seen the video. And I reckon everyone has laughed and cheered at the message delivered down the barrel of a 7News camera by an exhausted RFS firefighter.

Go and tell the Prime Minister to go and get f***d, from Nelligen.


Paul Parker and his crewmates had been fighting fires in Nelligen, near Batemans Bay, all day and were absolutely exhausted when the news team started filming. In the original package, the crew backs Paul’s message demanding ScoMo to “stand down now” as fire chaos rages around them.

Then, in an extended version of the clip shown on The Latest that night, you get to see the full blast of the crew’s overwhelming fury.

Paul Parker from Nelligen. Meet you any day, pal.

You can feel the rage. And it’s absolutely justified. Especially given that ScoMo has said before that volunteer firies (like Paul) “want to be there”.

But now, according to a petition on and #SavePaul on Twitter, Paul’s RFS job is on the line. Allegedly. Even though he’s a volunteer.

In an effort to save his position, and in another display of human good, a petition is doing the rounds on the internet in an effort to save his job.

And idk if it’s legit, but I’m gonna sign it anyway.

Because there is no way that a man who is risking life and limb to protect human lives, homes and properties, land and wildlife deserves to be sacked.

Now, we don’t have verification that this is legit, and there are a few cynics out there. But, according to the petition, Paul is “facing dismissal from the rfs.”

Paul had been working for days with little sleep and little food to save strangers properties selflessly putting himself in harms way. please [sic] everyone show your support for paul (alias) and sign this petition.

Again, whether it’s legit or not, that really is a “kick in the face” (if it is) for a man who was just venting his – very justifiable – anger and frustration.

The petition, at the time of writing, is just over 14,000 signatures. That’s well above the original target. And what a display of human compassion!

Either way, I see no harm in signing it, so you might as well do it (it’s right here)

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