People Continue To Catch Their Cars On Fire During Gender Reveal Blowouts

Gender reveal blowout caused literal blowout.

Gender reveal parties for decades have been a bit drab, let’s be real. Humans have been having babies for centuries, so we’ve all done the standard gender reveal party for a while now. So, some people took it upon themselves to spark things up a little bit. Hence, the rise of gender reveal blowouts.

And if you’re not familiar with all that is a gender reveal blowout, simply put, it’s when the parents drive their car with coloured smoke flying out of it revealing the sex of the child. It’s deff the sickkkkkest way to go about it, however, it’s proven to be bit disastrous. And TBH, I just don’t know that sicckkkk and gender reveal need to go hand-and-hand.

Apparently, some Aussies do not shy away from a good ol’ gender reveal blowout. And earlier this week in Gold Coast, a car caught on fire during one. But luckily, no one was hurt during this accident.

The video of the explosive gender reveal is on Youtube, and it shows the whole thing— from its enchanting start to its rather unfortunate finish.

The gender reveal wasn’t a total bust. I mean, everything happened that they sought out to do. The car started, the colourful smoke flew through the air and the gender was revealed. Family members even got to take pics, and they all had a good laugh.

However, about 30 seconds in to the video the car ignites. The smoke turns from blue to grey, and flames burst through the rear of the vehicle.

The 29 year old driver did receive a bit of a penalty for ya know, essentially causing a massive fire in the middle of a public road. He was charged with one count of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, receiving a $1,000 fine.

The craziest part about this whole thing is, this isn’t the fire time a car has caught fire during a gender reveal in Australia. The same thing happened to an Adelaide couple in 2018. And I just cannot believe this isn’t an isolated incident. On top of that, one Sydney man got his car confiscated in April of this year for pursuing a blowout.

People are really catching their cars on fire for what should be a truly wholesome time. But sometimes the typical cake and balloons reveal just doesn’t cut it, I guess.

Image Source: XO Safety Youtube Channel

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