People Reckon The Royal Baby’s Name Sounds Like A Type Of Weed

There’s a bit of Royal baby fever floating about this morning, with the birth of Baby Sussex and all. The birth was highly anticipated, with many speculating that Meghan Markle had actually given birth well before it was announced (look, I didn’t really bat an eyelid over it).

Anyway, the royal baby has well and truly arrived and whilst he sure is a cutie, what’s cute about this whole situation is how Prince Haz is so utterly infatuated with the whole thing. I mean, I can almost see little ginger Harry doing a victory dance behind that excitable smirk. This fam is just adorbs.

But what would 2019 be without a bit of trash talk, right? It doesn’t get much more straight edge than the royal fam, but they’re still human. They can’t quite escape the wrath of us simpletons just wanting a laugh, and boy is the result hilarious. Scouring the Twittersphere today, I came across this gem which I just had to share.

Chelsea Handler, you’re goddamn right. Have the royal family gone rogue? Are they taking this non-traditional approach to a territory that’s beyond our control? It gets better…

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, hello and welcome. Royal baby, you are cute.. but I have to say, this Mountbatten-business is a little random.

Sources: @Mikerusselfun, @chelseahandler, @RoyalFamily.

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