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Perf Party Songs For Your Pre’s This Weekend

It’s a necessity in life, pre’s, and while warming up for the main event that your weekend mischief is based on, you don’t want to be feeling flat.

And while pre’s are mainly designed to be a cheap way to line your liver have a responsible drink or two before you hit that house party, gig or birthday bevs, it’s important to have a solid soundtrack.

And these cracking choons will make sure you’re on a fitting level while sipping on your drink of choice.

So kick bloody back, and throw these guaranteed good-vibers into your pre-game playlist. We update this fortnightly with brand-spanking new beats. (Ps. Or just throw on our 5Why Mixtape below,  feat. some of the best new and upcoming tunes from Oz and the world.)

#1 I’m Good // Wafia

Well, well, well this little gem of a track came as the surprisingly bouncy Wafia tune I didn’t know I needed. If you’ve been following Wafia for a while, you’d know she’s very well know for her emotionally direct vibe, and that continues here. But with a bit more of an upbeat middle finger to all those douchebag ex-partners out there. It’s ridiculously catch, features a deadly bass-line, and is perfect for a cheeky sing along pre-big night on the town.

#2 Underwater // RÜFÜS DU SOL

I’m really loving RÜFÜS’ darker, deeper and more confronting new direction. They’ve always had that great housey-feel, that makes all of their music danceable and very listenable. That continues here, but the punchier and more, lets say, atmospheric sound is super addictive, and makes you connect with the music a lot more. Bloody great tune.

#3 SICKO MODE // Travis Scott

BANGER ALERT. Now that you’ve been warned, Scott’s much talked about record ASTROWORLD has delivered in masses. You tend to worry when albums like this get so much hype pre-release, that it’ll flop hard if it doesn’t hit the high benchmark. But TS goes above and beyond, especially on SICKO WORLD. It features two distinctively different beats with both Travis and good mate Drake rapping over different music, with equally different, yet great, flow. It is the perf hype song for your pre’s, this is repeat worthy tbh.

#4 I’ll Remember You // Josh The Cat

You probably won’t know much about JTC, but he’s a stargazing electro-pop producer from Melbourne to keep eyes on. It’s got a ridiculously fun David Bowie meets disco, meets naughties R&B, feel to it. Featuring a circa 1980s guitar riff, a sax solo and really smart production as a whole. Let this one play in the background and just funk out.

#5 Working For Google // Hey Geronimo

Tongue-in-cheek pop-rock at it’s very finest this one,  the Brissy lads certainly have pulled out a fab tune here. It sort of sounds like the birth-child of Jungle and Two Door Cinema Club (seriously), and is made for a cruisey summer day. With synths galore and a delightful chorus, you’ll be hooked.

Image Source: REDDS Cups Facebook

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