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Perf Songs For Your Sunday Sesh Vibes

Thank god it’s the weekend. While all of you might be getting ready for your Friday and Saturday nights out (look below, we’ve got ya back), there’s something to be said about a classic Sunday sesh. So gather your mates around, and finish off your weekend strong with these new tunes.

And of course, if you don’t have the time (or energy) to make your own little playlist full of choons, we’ve got you covered via our 5Why Mixtape below for max sesh vibes.

#1 Patterns // Eilish Gilligan

Absolutely, yes. Eilish has emerged from Triple j Unearthed, with her song Patterns this June. This is the perfect song if you still want a touch of base reverberating your insides. Patterns has a gritty, raw feeling about it, filled with just the right amount of soul you didn’t even know you needed. Make sure your drink is full, and turn this bad boy up.

#2 Fire // Peking Duk

Every Sunday needs an arvo banger to wake you up a little. Fire starts off relatively chill with the little guitar strums but alas, this is Peking Duk, and they don’t do anything in half measures. Once the base drops you’ll probably reconsider a quiet sesh in and want to venture out in the cold for the sake of a boogie. Who cares if you have work on Monday.

#3 Not About You // Glades

Ah, you gotta love a classic feel good song. Not About You is the song you listen to with your mates when the spirits are high and you feel like nothing can touch you or your good mood. This may come across as odd, as the song is essentially complaining about someone self-centred, but honestly, there’s no getting past that tune. And who doesn’t like a bit of Aussie indie pop?

#4 Confess // Jack River

Jack River is absolutely killing the game, with her newly released album, Sugar Mountain. Confess is definitely a great one if you’re just wanting a vibe sesh in your sunny backyard. So find yourself a comfy nook where you’re able to defrost yourself of the Winter feels, and bid adieu to the weekend antics.

#5 You Can Count On Me // Trophy Eyes

This song is played hourly on Triple j, it seems. And really, I don’t blame them in the slightest. These Newcastle legends are smashing it with their roudy rock and roll. This is the song you play when you’re with your mates (again, in your backyard) and are a little too sloshed to wake up Monday unscathed.

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