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The Perks Of Travelling Alone

There are a lot of benefits to travelling as a general notion. You get to embrace different cultures and experiences, and see sights that’ll leave you astounded. While traveling with a group of mates is usually the way to go, there are some perks to travelling alone as well. In fact, there are numerous.

It’s All About You

Seeing as it’s only you bouncing around the globe, it’s all about what you want to see and experience. Your schedule is your own to tweak and morph to your liking, depending on your interests and mood. This is your opportunity to be a little selfish with what you want. What’s the point of compromising when travel costs you cash money, and it’s just you flying solo?

Freedom To Explore

If you want to go to Europe and tour every single art gallery, like the crazy art fanatic you are, go right ahead. Maybe you want to go to the South of France because you love the peace, quiet, and a glass of wine. Or heck, maybe Vegas gets you keen. Either way, it’s completely up to you. If that wasn’t enough to appeal, you also have more control of your finances. If you want to travel until you’re broke then you do you, friend. Want to do the backpacking thing and spend next to no money? That can happen too.

You Make New Friends

It’s easy to get comfortable within your nice bubble of friends back home, but by travelling alone, you get to branch out. Making new friends can be a scary venture sometimes, especially if you’re a little introverted. Solo travel allows you (practically forces you, actually) to get out of your comfort zone. The more friends you make from scratch, without the aid of your buddies from home, the easier it’ll become in every scenario, not just travel. It’s been said that the friends you make while travelling are one of a kind.

It Makes You Brave

Being alone takes a lot of guts, especially when travelling. But learning to be brave in this way can help you to be more open to things and embrace new opportunities. This openness can lead to you saying “oh, what the hell,” to a new job prospect, or maybe even a new relationship.

Learn About Yourself

Travelling alone is a great opportunity to learn about yourself. This may sound strange, seeing as you have to live with yourself daily, but there are always things you can discover about yourself. You may get to learn more about how you deal with plans going array, like a missed flight. You get to test your problem-solving skills, and how to think on your feet. All of these are extremely beneficial life skills to have in your back pocket.

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