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Pete Evans Has Said Another Really Controversial Thing And People Are Strangely Praising Him For It

Things are always touch and go with ol’ Pete Evans. He’s done some okay-ish things in terms of tasty recipes and all that but on the whole his reputation is pretty shot. Pete’s the ‘eat like a hunter/gatherer and stuff yourself with nuts when you need a snack’ kinda guy and it’s got him into a lot of trouble over the years.

In case ‘ya need a refresher, this is him.

One time he said that mums can feed their babies bone broth instead of baby formula. Now I’m no mum (phew) but I’m pretty sure that is a load of wack. They ended up doing a study on this and it turned out to be fatal for babies. Wow Pete, that’s strike one.

He also once said in a Facebook rant one time that a paleo diet can cure autism. Again, I’m no scientist or anything but anyone who makes such groundbreaking claims on a FB status has to be jokin’ themselves. That’s strike two.

Now I don’t know how many strikes he’s up to now because he is countlessly RE-OFFENDING but this time it’s for praising a wholistic health podcast to his Facebook followers. The podcast explicitly supports anti-vaxxers and for a whole 2HRS 56MINS the podcast discusses the harmful effects of vaccinating children against various diseases known to be preventable by vaccinating.

Worryingly, there’s a whole stream of supportive comments for Evans. Most realise how controversial the post is, saying he’ll probs be on the front page of the paper for his highly controversial anti-vaxxer stance but on the whole, there’s a whole bunch of love heart emojis and many claims that he’s a ‘god send’.

I’m 99% sure this dude intentionally throws himself into hot water for a bit of air time. Someone please stop this man.

Image Source: Pete Evans Facebook. 

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