Peter Dutton Reckons We Should Jail Climate Protesters And Take Away Their Welfare Payments

You’d think he’d be worried about global warming since it could destroy his horcruxes.

So we all know Peter Dutton is absolutely rotten, but he’s really out here doing Satan’s work with his new suggestion that we jail climate protesters and cut their welfare payments.

He reckons protesters are putting lives at risk by disrupting the everyday goings of the city. It’s a pity he doesn’t equally value the lives of the children that will lose their future to climate change if we don’t ditch our fossil fuel emissions.

He also called for the public surveillance of protesters. Although, it sounds alot like advocating doxxing to me. Which, by the way, is illegal.

“People should take these names and the photos of these people and distribute them as far and wide as they can, so that we shame these people,” he said.

What else is cooked though, is the assumption that all protesters receive welfare and (according to a conversation between Peter Dutton and 2GB radio) are “bludgers sticking themselves to roads.”

Protests Are Part Of Democracy So Fuck Off  Peter Dutton

Protesting is the basis of democracy – if we as citizens aren’t allowed to protest and demand change or action from our government, then what does that make our society? A police state? Jokes on you, Peter Dutton is also an ex-cop, so yeah probably.

Peter Dutton already made us all collectively nauseated when he announced that he would  be giving himself the power to strip people’s citizenship if he didn’t think they were Australian enough.

If someone who locks up kids in detention centres and kidnaps Australian citizen children because they have brown refugee parents is angry about what you’re doing, then you’re probably doing something good. Now, it’s more important than ever to ramp up the climate action protests –  because clearly we’re pissing all the right people off.

Image Sources: Twitter, GIPHY.

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