Peter Dutton’s Amputee-Bashing Shows Australia His True Colours

How do you solve a problem like Peter Dutton? Ever since the Home Affairs Minister came to prominence under Tony Abbott in 2013, he’s become emblematic of the Liberal party’s far-right. A militant conservative opposed to just about everything, he’s now turned his substantial clout against a political opponent — with all the prestige and grace of a schoolyard bully.

Yep, turns out that jailing refugees, sledging legal immigrants, sledging journalists, sledging sitting members, lying about helping out his mates, joking about climate change, backstabbing colleague after colleague, spreading lies about violent African gangs, believing in the existence of “white genocide” and being voted the worst health minister in 35 years by doctors just wasn’t enough for dear old Dutts. Now he’s bravely character-assassinating Labor’s candidate for Dickson, Ali France… because she’s missing a leg.

Labor’s Ali France, second from left.

See, France doesn’t own a home within Dickson. And Dutton felt it was time someone finally took her down a peg for this crime.

“There are plenty of people with disability living in Dickson. A lot of people have raised this with me. I think they are quite angry that Ms France is using her disability as an excuse for not moving into our electorate.”

Dutton, whose only discernable skill is cosplaying as a bad drawing of himself, chose last night to make this claim after the May 18 federal election was announced.

A Little Backstory

Let’s rewind here: Ali France’s leg was surgically amputated after she was struck by an out-of-control car in 2011. She managed to save her son’s life in the crash and thankfully made a recovery from several days of unconsciousness. She’s been using her prosthetic leg for the campaign trail and uses a wheelchair at home.

Frankly, this comment is disgusting behaviour from a sitting member of parliament. You’d think that despite clearly being a root vegetable, Dutton would have learnt not to bring the dirt with him into his place of work. But instead he’s wasting valuable air throwing shade on a genuinely inspiring human being because he thinks it’ll win him votes.

This is DAY ONE of the election, people. And this is the tone Dutts is setting. Straight up ablism right out of the gate.

We’ve seen much of the man over the last six years and had plenty of cause to disapprove of his behaviour. But this is so very indicative of who Mr Dutton is, at work or at home. No slight is beneath him; no person with any discernable difference is worthy of his time. And he’s not just seeking the seat of Dickson — it’s well established that he wants the top job.

Regardless of where you stand politically, it’s hard to argue that Dutton has proven himself fit for office. The sooner the spud is out a job, the better. It’ll raise the tone of this already fetid political environment.

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