ScoMo Trips Up In Photoshop Fail

The tumultuous world of Australian politics has blessed us with yet another cringe worthy social media blunder overnight. This time, we express our heartfelt thanks to the Prime Minister’s media department for thinking they could genuinely get away with a photoshop effort that to be honest, would give a second grader a run for their money.

The blunder soon became the centre of #shoegate that has hit Twitter like an absolute firestorm. Clearly the media department didn’t rate Sco Mo’s choice in blue and white sneaks and in a horribly dodgy attempt tried to cover the OG shoes with a totally generic pair of white brand-less sneakers. We’re betting someone’s replaced the Adobe Lightroom with Microsoft Paint.

The photoshop fail stands out like a sore thumb and not only do the fully-sick new shoes cover up the PM’s pants but they award him with two left feet. Honestly this is so ironic it hurts.

Sco Mo quickly turned to Twitter to brush off the fail by drawing our attention away from his shoes and towards his…sorry what?

The backpedal kind of just made things worse for the PM and Twitter wasn’t having it. His attempt to appear #cool and #relatable really missed the mark.

The PM’s site has since removed the cover up but the wonders of modern technology mean the fail will remain in the archives of Twitter for the rest of time. Yet another political blunder to add to the pile.

Image Source: Twitter 

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