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Play it Again – Full Moon x Felicity Lawless

Felicity Lawless is a largely up and coming artist in the roots music scene. Hailing from Queensland, Australia, Lawless combines a fervent blend of Latin melodies with folk and urban vibes. Full Moon is a track that intertwines between more upbeat rhythms – particularly during the chorus riff – and more mellow moments during the verses. A subtle drum seeds the track, with Lawless’ soothing vocals a rather refreshing sound in the modern day urban scene.

Arguably the best part of the track is kept for last, with Lawless painting an acoustic masterpiece with some instrumental dominance. She is a true magician with an acoustic guitar, and that’s what we’re loving the most about her work – check out her track Ole if you love a fast-paced Latin vibe. Keep your eyes out on Lawless as she continues to grow in stature.

Driving down the sunny streets of Spain with the cruise top down? Play this song. Or, perhaps more realistically when you’re just chilling at home or at the beach – made for summer.

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