Please Dote Over The Lion King Cast Facing Off Their Animals In These Stunning Photos

I’m fighting back tears of joy.

With the 2019 The Lion King remake set to hit the big screen in only a matter of weeks, the anticipation is well and truly brewing. I’m so on edge about this recreation that anything slightly Disney related has me in absolute all sorts. These stunning photographs are no exception.

Disney released the photographs of each cast member facing off their animal counterparts in an absolutely breathtaking collection.

First we saw the stills for the 2019 recreation, then we were treated to the posters where Seth Rogen looked unusually like Pumbaa. Ugh does this get any better?

Donald Glover With Simba

Zazu, Pumbaa, and Timon

Alfre Woodard With Sarabi

Chiwetel Ejiofor With Scar

Hyenas Azizi, Shenzi, and Kamari

Young Nala and Young Simba

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter With Nala

Sources: Disney. 

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