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Plot Twist, The Creepy Girl In ‘The Haunting Of Bly Manor’ Is Peppa Pig And I Can’t Unhear This

How perfectly splendid.

I was today years old when I learned that the creepy little girl from The Haunting of Bly Manor is also the voice of Peppa Pig. It’s probably safe to say that life will never be the same.

The freaky Netflix series has sent chills down the spines of fans all around the world, but this discovery might just be the freakiest thing about the show.

Amelie Bea Smith is the actress behind the chilling little Flora Wingrave and a boisterous cartoon pig. And though the nine year old actress only took over the role of Peppa Pig from Harley Bird in January 2020, her voice is so Peppa that it can’t be unheard.

Fans of the series have been spiralling since the fun (freaky) little fact was uncovered.

This is the literal definition of range.

And while most of us were appropriately shocked by the news, the debate raged on if knowing Flora and Peppa were the same person/pig/actress made The Haunting of Bly Manor even creepier, or ruined the whole show.

I’m leaning towards never watching either again because I don’t think my mind or heart can take it.

And, in another little fun fact for fans of movie classics: Uncle Henry (played by Henry Thomas) was bike-riding Elliott in ET.

That’ll do me for today. You can have your haunted creepy pigs. I’m out.

Image Sources: Twitter (@Netflix).

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