Pls Tell Me How This Giant Spider Ate A Possum In TAS

Nope. Nope. Nope.

If there’s one thing that makes me want to faint, piss myself, and gag at the same time, it’s spiders. Maybe that’s TMI, but those things are 100% spawns of the devil and I don’t want them anywhere near me. A giant spider? I’d rather die.

How I have survived my whole life in a country known for it’s eight legged freaks is a mystery. What I do know is that I definitely would have passed out if I ran into a giant one eating a possum, like this poor couple did.

Justin Latton and her husband were out in Tassie’s Mt Field for a roadtrip when she stumbled on what I can confidently say is one of the most horrifying scenes ever.

A giant spider devouring an actual possum.

A still life of the actual child of the demons, taken and posted by Justine Latton on Facebook.

Yes, that is real. And it’s eating the head first. Aus is just as hellish as the American memes say it is.

Justine posted it into the ‘Tasmanian insects and spiders’ Facebook page, a group that I can’t believe I had to see with my own two eyes.

I nearly went into cardiac arrest just from the looking at that picture, and I have no idea how this woman managed to keep her wits and actually take a photo. I mean look how close she got?! Justine, you’re braver than the marines.

Sure, it was a pygmy possum. And sure, I know huntsmans aren’t deadly. I know they’re relatively harmless, and a bite hurts but it’s not a big deal. Here’s the thing – I don’t care. If something like that was in the vicinity, I don’t care if shits out gold – it needs to go, stat. No spiders. Especially no giant spiders.

So, here’s my proposal: we need to Brexit Tasmania. Soz. Time to throw the whole state away. It’s for our own protection guys.

Sources: Facebook Justine Latton @justine.latton, GIPHY, Pexels @inspiredimages

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