PM Says Our Coronavirus Growth Rate Is Down To 5%, Pleased With Progress Right Now

Early positives.

We’re back with the latest update from ya boy Scomozy, Scomiz, Scoooey – sorry, look I’m super struggling with this cabin fever thing. But it’s (sorta?) Semi-good news I guess, with the PM saying that the overall growth of COVID-19 is down to single digits – at 5% growth.

It’s the first stages of a bell curve, but the PM also said to prepare for a six-month struggle – but hopefully this is a good sign that it won’t be longer. Scomo said that we’re in a ‘suppression’ stage right now, as opposed to a ‘containment’ phase previously.

To be honest, his whole lecture on international students was a bit strange though. He basically said – in classic diplomatic pollie style – that if you’ve got enough cash to come here to study from overseas, you’ve got enough to go back to your home on expensive overseas flights.

So it doesn’t look great for any non-Australian-residents/citizens, and that really sucks because so many of them contribute to our society. They pay tax. They follow the rules, yet won’t get any help for the government.

Still no news on the poor and homeless who can’t afford to practice social distancing.

Some key announcements from the PM included:

  • Australia has moved from ‘containment’ into ‘suppression’ of the virus
  • We are tracking well overall on the virus, single digit growth at 5%
  • Daily dashboard with key stats is being made
  • Same rules as workplace for religious institutions (for those conducting services, worship places still not open)
  • Focus is on supporting Australian residents and citizens
  • You should not be going away anywhere for Easter holidays
  • Still working on a plan for commercial landlords and tennants

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