Polish Catholic Priests Incendio’d A Bunch Of Harry Potter Books

No, this headline is not an April Fools. Yes, this actually happened.

Priests at a Catholic church in Warsaw, Poland, have gathered together to burn Harry Potter books at the stake, claiming the books had evil forces. The Facebook post, posted by a Catholic foundation, ‘SMS From Heaven’, shows a priest praying alongside a pit full of books and other objects.

The church condemns the reading of Harry Potter, stating that the books are promoting sorcery and Occultism. SMS From Heaven also explained that burning the books was to warn people against the bad influence that stems from magic.

The post includes a bunch of Biblical references which condemn magic and therefore justify the burning of the books and other items. Quoting Deuteronomy, the Polish foundation writes alongside their images, “We obey the word: the statues of their gods will burn, you will not covet the silver or the gold that is on them, and you will not take it for yourself, so that it will not make you happy, because the Lord, God yours, is disgusted with it.”

The post continues to refer to rejecting Satan, demons, magic, witchcraft, and other various non-threatening ideas…yes, including astrology.

The church has faced a lot of backlash. Several comments express the disrespect to cultural totems being burned, others relate the book burning to events of the Holocaust; and of course, comments condemning actions of the Catholic church.

One commenter writes, “No Harry Potter books, but you can have pedophiles in your ranks?” Touche, commenter.

…Wait till the church find out about Dumbledore and Grindelwald.

Image Credit: Universal 

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