Pop Punk Is Back: Green Day, Fall Out Boy And Weezer Are Announcing A Tour Together


OMG guys. Bring out your ripped converse, grow out that floppy fringe, and get back on those emo Spotify playlists. Iconic pop punk powerhouses Green Day, Fall Out Boy And Weezer are announcing a tour together.

They’ve been dropping teasers everywhere in a lead up to the announcement, and oh god stay calm stay cALM.

All The Teasers To Mess With Fans

The chaos began in an Instagram comment  when Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong tagged Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo in a comment saying “hella mega.”

It took the internet 5 seconds to find, which obviously made everyone freak the fuck out. The site has a password so it’s not really live yet, but the URL is enough to excite anyone. I mean, it’s the holy trinity of punk.

THEN, fans started receiving packages with merch from all three bands, and the packages were anonymous. But, the return address was the band management Crush Music.  Like, this is some Taylor Swift level easter egg sorcery.

Green Day Confirmed The Announcement?!

Okay, so now Green Day have officially announced that they will announce the tour (??) via Twitter. The announcement is supposed to be on September 10th, which is obvs today but American time sucks so we will have to wait a bit longer.

It’s unclear whether this tour is going to be just in America or world wide, but let’s pray it comes to our shores. We’re not all American Idiots!

I’m re-drawing the checkers on my chucks in anticipation as we speak.

Image Sources: GIPHY, Twitter 

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