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Pornhub Just Dropped Their Year In Review & Australia Are Coming Out On Top

After a big 2018, this is one roundup we’re curious to delve into. The full version is pretty damn long so if you’ve got some time, have a cheeky look at what porn the world has been into this year. We’ve collected all of Australia’s results and it makes for some pretty interesting reading…

#1 Overall there were 33.5 billion visits to Pornhub worldwide. That’s 92 million daily average visits.

92 million is the population of Canada, Poland AND Australia put together. Damn.

#2 Every single minute on Pornhub, there were 55 views of Kim K’s sex tape.

I mean, I know we’ve all watched it but is that still going around?

#3 1 million hours of video was uploaded.

That’s a lot of new content to be discovering.

#4 The most searched (female) Pornstar was, of course, Stormy Daniels.

#5 Australia came 9th in the amount of traffic it produced.

Behind the US, UK, India, Japan and more.

#6 We spent an average of 10 minutes 4 seconds on the site.

A little less than front-runner, the Philippines who spent an average of 13 minutes and 50 seconds.

#7 Our favourite time to watch was midnight on a Sunday.

#8 Straya’s most viewed category was ‘Lesbian.’

And contrary to popular belief, it was mostly females who used this one.

#9 ‘Fortnite’ was the third top trending search in the WORLD.

#10 Women were 281% more likely to watch Pussy Licking.

And twice as likely to watch content featuring ‘Gangbang’ and ‘Double Penetration.’

(I’m not sure there’s a gif for this one)

#11 In Aus, visitors were 30% Female and 70% Male.

Female visitors have increased by 2% from last year, which is pretty average on the world scale.

#12 On Valentine’s Day, traffic went up by 7%.

Surprised? No, me neither.

#13 People aged 25-34 visited the site the most.

With 35-44 coming second and 18-24 a close third.

#14 The top three trending searches were Fortnite, Japanese Uncensored, and Nepali.

#15 Australia’s number 1 Pornstar was… *drumroll please*

Brandi Love. Followed by Mia Khalifa and Lana Rhoades.

#16 The top three categories were Lesbian, MILF and Threesome.

Again, no surprises there.

There’s a heck of a lot of information on the review, including all the top countries and so much more. Take a cheeky peek at the entire thing here.

Image Source: Pornhub, Gnews

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