Power To The People: Mind Blowing Images Of Two Million Protestors In Hong Kong

Protestors Are Being Supported With Free Water And Face Masks.

In what has been hailed the largest protest in the country’s history, nearly 2 million people have gathered in the streets of Hong Kong to protest against a controversial extradition bill.

Whilst leaders claim the treaty would prevent Hong Kong from becoming a ‘safe haven for criminals’, a large part of the Hong Kong population reckon the treaty marks the gradual demise of Hong Kong’s independent judicial system. Many are turning up to the protests out of fear that the treaty will inevitably expose Hong Kong to China’s ‘deeply flawed’ judicial system.

As well as demanding the bill be revoked, protestors were also demanding that Carrie Lam (frontrunner for the bill and Chief Executive of Hong Kong) step down from office immediately.

Largest Protest In Hong Kong’s History

The Bill Has Been Indefinitely Shelved

The astonishing turnout on Hong Kong’s streets did in fact prompt Carrie Lam to issue an apology to Hong Kong. In the statement, Lam apologised for prompting huge disapproval and unrest throughout Hong Kong.

“The chief executive apologises to the people of Hong Kong for this and pledges to adopt a most sincere and humble attitude to accept criticisms and make improvements in serving the public,” it said.

Despite her apology and subsequent halting of the bill, the people of Hong Kong remain dissatisfied until their initial demands are met. Until the bill is permanently scrapped and Lam officially steps down, it’s expected that widespread protests and dissatisfaction will continue.

Protestors Are Supported With Free Water And Face Masks

Protests Are Also Occurring Beyond The Streets

Hong Kong is certainly in the midst of an extremely significant turning point in their political history. Whilst their trajectory may not be certain, it’s empowering to witness such unwavering power among the people.

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