Praise Baby Yoda: Mandalorian Season 2 Won’t Be Delayed, Mulan Still Set For July Cinematic Release


If you were a fan of Season 1 of Disney’s Mandalorian (or just the Baby Yoda memes), get keen because it doesn’t look like Season 2 will have the same fate as many other global entertainment films/tv shows.

In an interview with CNBC, Disney CEO Bob Chapek said that post-production is well underway remotely and that there won’t be a delay on the October release.

Filming on Season 2 was lucky to finish just before the brunt of lockdowns and isolation kicked in, meaning that editors and the wider post-production team could manage things while working remotely.

It’s a big boost for Disney+ subscribers, and will no doubt have a huge audience given the forecasted lockdown rules globally. Although, we’ve seen some lifting of restrictions in Australia, it looks like the United States and various parts of Europe will be stuck at home for many months to come.

In other news from Chapek’s interview, he also mentioned that the company’s projected 24th July release of Mulan is still going ahead. The CEO said he was a big believer of the “theatrical experience, particularly to release big blockbuster films”.

As we know Disney are really steaming ahead with all of these live-action remakes, and with this latest announcement, they’re showing no signs of slowing down. Despite all the uncertainty going around.

Honestly, it doesn’t seem completely impossible here in Australia to be back in movie cinemas by July-August 2020. We’re being allowed to visit more people from the end of this week on a national level essentially, and since cinemas can be relatively controlled in terms of social distancing – it might not be as far-fetched as we think.

But look if there is one live-action remake I do want to see on the big screen, with some over-priced popcorn and an unnecessary frozen Coke, it’s Mulan. While it’s far from being underrated, I still love what it does for diversity in characters, with a strong, powerful, female and Asian lead.

Fingers crossed!

Image Source: Disney

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