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The Pros And Cons Of The Casual Hookup

As a society, we are continuing to experience the deep cultural changes brought about by the sexual revolution of the 60s. The invention of the contraceptive pill sparked a sexual freedom which has contributed to the lowered expectation of getting married and having children.

With the history lesson out of the way, let’s get into the juicy details of the current Hookup Culture. Many of us now find ourselves spreading our wings sexually within a kilometre radius (according to our preferred app), but progress has its limits. So, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons of the “casual hookup” to help you know where you stand, or kneel.


#1 No Strings Attached

Slogging it out all week barely leaves you time to build on the love affair you’ve dreamt of since Kindy. Sometimes, a roll in the hay is all you need right now. It saves time and energy on a relationship you may not be ready for. It’s also a good idea to make it clear that it’s casual from the beginning to minimise confusion.

#2 Supports Alternative Relationship Choices

Not all of us identify as monogamous when in a relationship. It’s not as polarizing as it sounds. Boundaries still need to be established, there’s just the addition of sexploration with other partners. Society is becoming more aware of how important it is to accept different lifestyle choices and sexual identities. Embrace the Hookup Culture as progress for individuality and acceptance.

#3 Sex Is G

A bonus to the generally good physical feels, according to New York Times Bestseller Dr. Mercola, a healthy sex life lowers blood pressure and improves your immune system, not to mention reduces stress. So there’s a good chance that a booty call can help you get through the cold snap with added healthy benefits, win bloody win.


#1 When Too Much Booze And Drugs Get Involved

Here comes the downer. Not being responsible with alcohol or drugs can lead to making poor decisions like not using protection and not practicing absolute consent. Yeah, it still happens. This exposes you to a higher risk of contracting an STI or an unwanted pregnancy, and possibly sexual assault. Most of us are out for a good time but always exercise caution whenever and wherever you can. Have a good friend close by and have each other’s backs.

#2 A Glass Cage

Residual emotions are inevitable after sharing bodily fluids. Most of the time they’re positive, however guilt, jealousy and anger can creep in if you choose to bang for the wrong reasons. It’s tough to give advice on this one due to the conditional nature of emotions. We all have baggage and how we handle it is relative. Whatever your situation is, remember to get your rocks off in a fun, safe and consensual way.

#3 All Of The Bloody Feels

At the start of a casual relationship, it’s almost always a strictly physical thing. But booty call after booty call, don’t be surprised if feelings start to become a real thing. And trust me you’ll the signs will be evident. You miss snuggling (specifically with them), you get warm fuzzies when they send you general texts and you bring them up more than regularly with friends. Be careful cause it’s probably more likely that they’re not feeling the same given the nature of your setup, and heartbreak from a casual relationship isn’t a great feeling in itself.

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