PSA You Lucky Kids In Sydney Are Getting A Sneaky New Underground Whisky Bar

If you’re wondering how to spend your Friday night (or any night), well congratulations friends, you’re in for a nice neat treat. The Doss House has come to bless us all with their selection of whisky goodness and there’s no questions that everyone’s having a bit of a froth over it.


This sneaky little addition is tucked into (of one) the beautiful sandstone buildings that inhabits The Rocks. Within the five bar spaces there’s an eclectic mix of history and an ambiance that’s hard to resist. So honestly, just go for gold and soak it all up.


You can get your fill of the whopping 150 whiskeys that are on offer to quench your ever-lasting thirst. Some of this prominent selection also includes premium bottles and rare 30 year old whiskies. Perfect if you’re an absolute whisky buff constantly on the hunt for something new. Of course, those who don’t like whisky won’t be left behind either (praise be.) Doss House has your needs covered with an array of classic and signature cocktails.

What’s a good sesh without a food platter? According to Doss House, nothing, so they’re all over it with a selection of platters to keep your hunger at bay. Pickles, chutney, cheese and meat are just a few of the little nibblies on offer (it’s a yes from us.)

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