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Queer Eye’s Fab Five Just Got Exposed For Their Old Embarrassing Looks And It’s GOLD.

Tan, I love you and I beliebe that you defo wore that hair style first.

The Fab Five of Queer Eye are honestly the purest group to exist ever, and the fact that they aren’t a boy band means I can love them wholeheartedly without worrying about my abandonment issues. (One Direction, I’m looking at you).

They appeared last night on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and of course it was just incredible. As always there was friendly banter, (not so gentle) roasting, and just heaps of fun. And the best part? Jimmy Fallon gave us some cheeky glimpses into the most embarassing past looks for the Fab Five. Oh yeah, feast your eyes on this baby. Jimmy, thank you for giving us the following gems, you forever hold my favour.

Tan And His Bieber Hair

Okay, so the first brutal exposure was my beloved Prince Tan (the Pakistani representation that I DESERVE). We already knew it was going to be bad, because sweet ol’ Jonathan immediately starts roasting Tan before we even know what’s happening.

Tan: Okay, so I wasn’t always known for my hair.

Jonathan, basically: Oh I mean, you were def still known for your hair, but just because it was goddamn terrible

Tan: Oh my god, you are so vile.

Also, can I just say vile is a great insult and I will def start hurling that one around. Anyway, then we get the great big reveal, and hoo boy I fucking love Tan.

Look at that TANsformation.

The Bradford Badboi title that Zayn Malik has was originally created for Tan and you know it.

Tan is convinced that Justin Bieber actually stole the look off him, instead of the other way around, and you know what? I beliebe him.

Bobby And The Fkn Shorts/Blazer Combo

Okay, I’m sorry, but this one is truly cursed. WTF Bobby? What were you thinking? This isn’t cute, this is like when the wizards in Harry Potter tried to wear muggle clothing. Key word being tried. And to make this worse, this was during a Queer Eye episode. I would not let this man choose my outfit, let alone design my house. So, please don’t burn your eyelids out when you look at this godawful fit.

Why is he so pink? Like even his skin?!

He tried to save it by saying it was hot, but that blazer just makes less sense then? Jonathan, dear sweet Jonathan, came to the rescue and was like “you’re most improved!!” and honestly can Jonathan become my inner voice because I need this kind of positivity.

Karamo Still Looks Cool Because He Just Always Does?

Okay, TBH I don’t have much to say about Karamo. Like this isn’t even embarassing, he still looks like a zaddy. That man can pull anything off.

Antoni Is The Emo Boy Of My Dreams

OMG, I actually laughed when I saw Antoni’s. Dear God. He looks like he listened to My Chemical Romance and Short Stack, and I love him all the more for it. This is what every emo kid in all those Wattpad novels looked like, and he def played in a rock garage band. I love this so much.

Jonathan Has Always Been Cool So There’s No Bad Pics

I know, I’m as devo as you are. I mean it’s true, there’s no such thing as a bad pic when you love yourself as unequivocally as Jonathan loves himself. But we want the goss! The rest of the Fab Five suffered and we want some justice.

Instead, you’ll have to make do with this picture of himself that he shared on Twitter.

You can watch the rest of the vid down below!

Image Sources: Netflix, NBC, Twitter @jvn

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