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Study Tells Us All The Reasons We Suck At Paying Our Mates Back

Like some universally spoken language, we all know that if we take the hit for brunch, we run the risk of never seeing that $26.50 owed to us ever again. Many a time has the sentence, “I’ll pay you back, mate” been met with awkward eye contact and a false sense of hope. Naturally though, a week passes and for various reasons you decide to admit defeat and reluctantly move on with life. And now the data proves us millennials are god awful at paying back our buds. According to a study from bill-splitting app Beem It (worth a download), every year we don’t pay back our mates to the tune of $1.6 billion. $1.6 BILLION FFS. Indeed, cue the collective gasps. So here are just some of the reasons why we suck at paying back our mates

We Refuse To Ask For It Back

Have you ever been owed something but think it’s a bit pointless due to the miniscule amount? Well, 25 percent of others are in the same boat. It seems as though our attitude of ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ transcends into friends and finances, too. There are also 19 percent of us who get a little embarrassed when confronting someone about money owed. Just imagine how many times this has happened to you, and how much money you could have gotten back if you had’ve gathered up the courage to ask. Feels, friends. I think we can agree that it’s a bit painful to think about.

We’re Forgetful

Much like us not sweating the small stuff, little debts are often tossed aside in our mind and forgotten about. In typical millennial fashion, 67 percent of us are forgetting about those rounds at the pub. But who is going to remember whose round it is when the fourth jug was just guzzled down? Other sneaky culprits include covering communal house hold items (64 percent.) Blowing dosh on the taxi from a night out (56 percent.. yeah, guilty.) And last but not least, copping the dinner fee at a non-bill-splitting restaurant (52 percent.) It all just seems to get lost in translation.

We Can’t Be Bothered With Bank Deets

If you don’t have someone’s bank details, the motivation to pay someone back just becomes exponentially harder. If we’re being honest, it’s an easy task. But in a time where we want things to be as easy as possible, we often want to avoid all the hassle. If you’re sick of the daily struggle, Beem It erases all the effort and awkwardness, ensuring you get your dosh back. The payments are instant, regardless of the bank you’re with. Whether you’re requesting the money (yep, no eye contact required) or paying someone, all that’s needed is a phone number or a username. Anything that’ll keep us on top of our money is definitely welcome.

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