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The Finest Moments of Triple J’s Matt and Alex

As we try our best to stomach the news that Matt and Alex are leaving breakfast radio, there is only one way to comfort yourself. Relive their very best moments, just what the doctor ordered. You may not have felt this heartbreak since Tom left in 2013, but you made it through then and you will again.

Sure, it’s a whole lot more violent this time as two depart at the same time, but stay strong. Enjoy the duo’s wildest moments and oddest gags as we bid them adieu.

Pack’er up boys

When the day is long and your patience short, pack’er up boys become the phrase to cease it all. Ending your day with poise. The video is plenty confusing and features many a startled stranger.

Je suis legionaire

Like a French foreign film in the way in its composition but the flappy hat is not really an accessory du jour. With the help of Matt and Alex the legionnaire hat made it’s come back. No hat no play.


Only at Triple J would a song by Peking Duk be crafted just to make fun at exercise. The dorky two take on a host of trendy activities, pole dancing, jazzercise and spinning. Trust Okine to be enjoying his water from a Voss bottle.

West Coast

An ode to that Westside of Aus that is always left out, but the boys show no mercy for Perthians. The coffee, the beers and the transport cop a bad rap but hey at least there’s always Bali just a cheap flight away.


Just imagine them brainstorming this segment, where Ryan Reynolds promotes Deadpool, brilliant. And the lads do it quite literally to, taking their baguettes to the pool in a show of poor athleticism. But hilarity nonetheless.


Taking the shitstorm that is messy bathrooms and toilet misses and turning it into a PSA with a number of whimsical rhymes. Give your fudge a nudge, if your aim ain’t fab just give it a dab. Go on you know what to do.

Triple jump-off

They’ve come leaps and bounds, but this time the twosome take their limbs to Uni Games. There’s spandex, scratches and even Michelle Jenneke for some athletic fun.

Random acts of kindness

Never ones to avoid making people feel under comfortable, Matt and Alex take to the streets for some random acts of kindness. Supermarket assistance, seat offering, button pushing and general awkwardness ensues.

No on listens to Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum’s infinite wisdom is enshrined in song with the thanks to Matt and Alex. Oh and Liam Hemsworth. So wise.

Doin numbers

Climbing the social likes and social media primetime, the duo cover it all. From cute dog vids to stalking pre 2007, a hashtag rap filled with many a quip. They even confirm 12’s the magic Insta number.

Ziggy the Bulldog Like A Version

In the most charming Like a Version of all time, Ziggy the bulldog takes on the Australian sound with a little help from a handful of treats. Needs more cow bells.

Come Inside (Playschool Remix)

Speed dealers and all Alex takes on our childhood anthem with a little help from some electro beats. Priceless.

One of Okine Tour

Taking a tour bus around his home town, Okine charms a bus full of fun facts about himself. Brissy born and bred.

Matt and Alex call in sick prank

They tricked Kyran Wheatley into thinking he was filling in for Matt and Alex, in an elaborate prank of payback. Lesson, don’t wake up Alex early otherwise you will feel his extensive wrath.

Chris Rock reacts to Okine’s standup

You can actually pinpoint the moment Matt’s heart breaks.

Pardon me

A ballad to end all ballads. Just listen to that guitar strum.

Absurd Aria costumes

matt1 matt2

Tackling topical like no other, the pair hold no bars when it comes to their Aria’s appearance. Chet Faker, Sia, Drake and his music video background. What will they do next?


Matt and fake Alex hang out

Milan the male model, the better version of Alex takes over the show at Matt’s request. Doppelgänger alert.

Matt meets Tom Tilley

Hack host welcomes Matt to the station with an emotive chat that only Tom Tilley himself could engineer. Prepare to be moved.

Hottest 100 

Cameos abound, the movie trailer style vid for the Hottest 100 was epic beyond proportion. Who’s stealing the musicians? Matt and Alex are on the case.

Image source: Music Feeds, The Daily Mail.

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