Research Reveals We Literally Can’t Live Without Our Phones

There’s a new epidemic that’s sweeping the nation, and I’m not talking about that recent deadly flu virus. It’s called nomophobia. What is this nomophobia epidemic you may ask, well it’s a fear of being without your smartphone. For most of you, this statement will send you into immediate denial. “Ha, no way that can be true, I can totally live a day without my iPhone being within arms reach.” For others, you openly admit to your smartphone addiction. In launch of the new Huawei Watch 2; the tech company have conducted some interesting research. Over a quarter of Australians state that leaving their smartphones at home has the potential to ruin their day.

So rather than bombarding you with the dense revelations of this research, we have broken down the report, and added in a few tips on how to reduce that smartphone reliance, we all seem to have.

Find Other Sources Of Entertainment

26% of Aussies that were surveyed revealed that they don’t feel themselves and find it hard to function if they leave the house without their phone. Unfortunately, our phones have become more than just a device to contact others. It’s become our music player, our watch, our camera and even our digital socialiser. It’s important to remember that despite the diverse functionality of our mobile devices, there is a world outside of our handheld screen. Rather than relying on your phone as your main source of daily functionality, go old school. Read a book while on the daily commute and organise lunch with a mate from the office and head outside into the sunshine. Don’t let your phone become your main source of entertainment.

Learn To Switch Off

In the survey, almost one in four participants admitted that their phone has caused and argument between themselves and their partner. When you get home from a long day of work or uni, it’s common to just lay on your bed and scroll mindlessly through Facebook, forgetting about your significant other. Learn to switch off for at least an hour in the evening. Leave that meal that you share together as one on one time to chat, laugh and discuss. Learn to operate in real time because no one likes a dinner guest who is preoccupied in a Facebook chat rather then present conversation.

It’s Not An Excuse For Being Late

Our phones have come to hold not only our personal information but also our emails and calendars for work. 37% of Aussies said they would be late for work to make sure they had their phone of them. If you’re working in an office environment, remember, that every thing that’s remotely important, you can probably access on your computer once you arrive. Know that it will be alright if you can’t attend to the messages or calls that you miss throughout the workday.

There Was Once A World Before Phones

Did you know that prior to the turn of the century, owning a mobile was an absolute luxury. Now not only millennials but C-Suite executives feel disconnect from the world when separated from their devices. 96%, yes that’s right, almost every Aussie in the country who owns a phone, admitted to carrying that phone with them at all times. Even in the most ridiculous of scenarios. “Our mobiles have become such an important part of our everyday lives that the prospect of being without it can cause some serious anxiety – even at times when it’s totally impractical to carry it,” said Marc Di Giacomo, Head of Marketing at Huawei Australia. You know how you hear stories of people dropping their phone in the toilet? That trip to the bathroom can be done without a phone in hand. You will survive five minutes without it.

Image source: Unsplash

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