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Results Are In: What Millennials Look For In Potential Partners

Ah, relationships. It’s around Valentine’s Day that those who are unattached and lack romantic dinner plans are sitting, lip jutted, scratching their heads over their insufficient love prospects. Well, a recent survey from Huawei Mobile starts to scratch the surface of dating habits and what we look for in potential partners (answers, finally.)

Men Prefer Looks (Shock Horror)

Do you remember watching Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging? Jaz said to Georgia that “boys don’t like girls for funniness”. Well, turns out this is totally true. We can now confirm that the male gender is more interested in looks than humour and, well, literally anything else. For real, 56% compared to the 45% that represent the ladies. Don’t mind us over here, pretending to be surprised. Over the other side of the coin, a whopping 78% of women want to date someone with a good sense of humour. So, fellas, brush up on some banter, will ya? We don’t care if you #liftbro. And women.. oh who knows? Brush your hair or something?

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Ah, now we’re talking. Honesty (81%, heck), loyalty (71%), kindness and having a caring nature (70%) tends to win over people more than the characteristics of confidence and an outgoing nature. Thank God, hope in our capacity for substance after the physical attractiveness stats was starting to lack. As it seems, an outgoing and confident personality only make a minuscule 33% of people drool. Let’s face it, being bombarded with confidence often comes across as cockiness, anyway, even though sometimes we don’t mean it too. Turn up those comforting feels by giving those you fancy a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen. You’ll have someone falling at your feet in no time. If you do actually love radiating a lot of confidence, have a crack at Tinder.

No One Cares That You’re A Hermit

These are the stats we’re happiest to present, as it basically means we can continue what we do best. Only 12% of people care if you’re well connected as a human being in society. This is the point where you break out the champagne. You don’t have to desist with your hermit-like activities (#blessed.) Binge watch Netflix, stay in your pyjamas and make yourself some nachos, because you deserve to live your best life.

Dollar Bills Aren’t An Issue

Have you ever met someone, and thought they’d be impressed by your constant rambling about your financial situation? “Oh yeah, like, I don’t wanna brag or anything, but my pay/ job/ car/ house/ life is above standard.” Next time you think of waffling on (too much) about how you’re rolling in cash, remind yourself that only 11 to 12% of your potential partners actually give a damn. Sorry to burst ya bubble.

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